Why EMM?

EMM Elements Mineral Makeup started when Kelli Taylor, Acupuncturist and owner of Elements Wellness Centre, was treating women through her practice and found that she was helping women create change on the inside of the body but was curious what they were putting on the outside of the body. Kelli took a year to research and do her homework and was shocked to find what companies were putting in their makeup, hair and body products. This was definitely not in alignment with what she was doing to help women on the inside of their bodies, especially with her infertility and cancer patients.

When Kelli dug a little deeper, she was shocked even more to find out that many women thought they were using healthy or “natural” products; there was a lack of education available to women. Although there are some healthy choices available, women are misinformed and misguided by companies who call their products “natural” when they are not natural at all.

The seed was planted for EMM.

Kelli paired up with friends and fellow entrepreneurs Ozzie Kipnes and Allison Bran, and together they are setting out to create a NEW cosmetic concept with a simple promise: “We only sell products that are 100% natural. If a product carries the EMM logo on it, you can rest assured that it is all natural.” In addition, Kelli, Ozzie and Allison have built a corporate vision that includes a strong support of women, female-run businesses, and promoting self esteem in young women. (Using you amazing women as our models, and spotlighting not just your beauty but your story, is one way these commitments and values are being shared)

Currently, EMM has a complete line of beautiful foundations, bronzers, blushers, and eye colours. ALL products can be used wet or dry, which means various products do double- (or triple-) duty as eye colour, liners, lip colours, highlighters and contouring shades. Buy fewer, better quality, longer-lasting products and use them for multiple purposes? Yup. EMM is even good for your pocketbook.

You won’t see mascara in the line yet but we are working on it! EMM is committed to finding a truly safe and natural formula. We mention this to reinforce the commitment to “Natural” but also to highlight an important point: although EMM has VERY high standards for the products they sell, they are not here to judge or say that you can’t wear mascara, or even that not-so-natural trendy lip or eye colour. Nope… It’s EMM’s intention to educate women, arm them with the ability to make healthy choices where possible, and to provide a healthy baseline of products that make you feel beautiful while promoting your health and balance. Then, if you do use the odd less-healthy product, your amazing body has the stamina and resources to deal with it.

We hope that you feel our vision and purpose behind EMM. Please feel free to connect with us!