Mineral Makeup: Learn what you need to know

Mineral Makeup: Learn what you need to know

What is Mineral Makeup?
Simply put, it is makeup that is made up of finely ground loose minerals that come from the earth.

What is EMM Mineral Makeup made of?
The main ingredients are minerals such as mica, zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide.

Is EMM Mineral Makeup natural? And are all mineral makeup natural?
The term ‘natural’ is very broad vague and misleading at times. It means something different to the consumer as well as the product maker. So no, not all mineral makeup is natural. When it says “may contain” it is stating that there is a very small percentage or possibly that it contains these natural ingredients that are mixed with other ingredients.
At EMM, our ingredients are 100% natural and free of all other toxic ingredients that are synthetic and not made by nature. So we are stating with 100% certainty that our makeup line is ‘natural’. If this is an important element to you and your body, it’s up to you the consumer to do your own research in order to determine if other products are truly what they are claiming to be.

What are the benefits of the ingredients of  EMM Mineral Makeup?
Both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide have anti-inflammatory properties and are ideal for those with sensitive skin, rosacea or acne. It is known to have a calming effect on the skin.

What is noncomedogenic?
Mineral makeup is also known for being noncomedogenic, (does not clog pores) and some would claim it also offers sun protection. Of course we recommend that you wear sun protection daily and use the benefits of mineral makeup as an added layer of protection.

Is  EMM Mineral Makeup safer than regular makeup?
EMM is safe. We believe that makeup is at its safest form when it is without irritants such as fragrances, binders, synthetic dyes, talc, and preservatives.

Does  EMM Mineral Makeup or any mineral makeup require a primer?
No, it does not. But some women have become used to using primer and prefer to wear it daily or on special occasions. Wearing EMM over primer will only enhance your look by increasing the pigments that will create longer-lasting color.

Can I mix  EMM Mineral Makeup foundations , blush , bronzers and shadows?
Definitely yes! We love to blend several foundations together to create that perfect shade. Take two blushes and create your favorite color, add some sparkly eye shadow and you’ve just created your own special shade. How much or how little you add is up to you. Check out our Mixology section to get some great ideas. A little goes a long way, so blending 2 or more together can last you longer. Did you know that your skin tone changes don’t shades thru out the year? We recommend you have one shade for the winter season and another shade for the summer season. Don’t forget vacation time? This is the optimum time to blend your own colors to get a fresh perspective on things. To go darker, simply add more layers.

Does mineral makeup require the use of special brushes?
No, not really. However, deciding on the type of flawless finish you prefer for your foundation will dictate the type of brush you choose. Do you want a sheer and natural finish or a more full coverage?
At EMM we are passionate about using and endorsing brushes that are animal and cruelty free. To ensure this, we have chosen to work with and sell good quality synthetic brushes. But not everyone shares in this passion and that’s ok. Natural brushes made with animal hair will work great with our products too and you don’t have to break the bank in order to get the look you want.

  • Foundation: regardless if it’s synthetic or animal hair, use a large fluffy brush to apply mineral foundations. The goal is to have the foundation itself, tucked up into the brush with very little product visible. Swirl it around in the lid, then tap and apply. The denser the brush, the fuller the coverage you will achieve. Wanting to go sheer? Choose a looser brush.
  • Eyeshadow: The size of the brush depends on what you are comfortable in holding and the size of the surface area you wish to cover. The brush should pick up enough product for you to gently tap onto the eyelid. We recommend a large shadow brush, crease brush and eyebrow filler brush. Each is designed to get each job done.

Can I wear  EMM Mineral Makeup in hot weather?
Absolutely! When we created EMM we tested it in high humidity in the Turks and Caicos. Our faces didn’t melt away. In fact, the makeup gave us a nice glow. It stayed on in the heat of day and looked radiant in the evenings.
Our faces tend to naturally produce oils as the day progresses, this seems to enhance the look of the makeup as it deepens in color, naturally.

Can I sleep in EMM Mineral Makeup?
While we don’t promote that you not wash your face, let’s face it…we don’t always feel like removing our makeup. We believe that since EMM is made with pure minerals and does not include any harmful preservatives, parabens or talc, making it noncomedogenic. This means, it will not clog your pores, and it’s ok, to occasionally fall asleep with it on. You’ll wake up looking lovely as ever.

How do I remove EMM Mineral Makeup?
Mineral makeup is no different than regular makeup. It simply depends on what you are already using in your daily routine. Some use soap and water, some use facial wipes, makeup remover, etc. It’s not difficult to remove or requires any special lotion, cleanser or towel.

What if I spill my EMM Mineral Makeup?
Clean-up is easy. Use a moist wipe, or a paper towel with a regular house cleaner and it will come off your counter easily. Getting into the habit of being careful with your loose minerals requires some skill. Try not to rush as you get ready in order to minimize spillage. Only tap into the lid the amount you wish to use.

How do I clean my mineral makeup brushes?
The better the quality, the longer it will last you and with proper care, you are aiming for a lifetime. Wash your brushes once a week with a gentle cleanser or shampoo. Wet your brush in warm water, place some product into your palm and swirl the brush into the product. Rinse and repeat several times until the water runs clear.

Drying your brushes: Use a paper towel or towel to absorb any excess water and then LAY FLAT on a clean dry surface. Do not place in the vertical position in a cup or container as water may run back into the ferule, and could loosen the glue and cause your brush to deteriorate over time.