Feeling adventurous?

Playing with EMM’s loose minerals will allow you to explore new combinations, create new shades and expand your EMM collection.

Bronze Goddess.
As you tan over the summer months, or while on your next vacation, consider blending your bronzers to create your new custom shade.

Mixology: Mix Red Rock with Afterglow to create a new shade. How much, or how little of each, is based up to you.
Things to consider? your skin tone, daytime or evening shade.

Into all things that sparkle? Kick it up a notch by adding just a hint of Tuxedo White a favorite highlighting staple. Perhaps you love pretty in pink? Consider blending in Cotton Candy from our eyeshadow collection.

Tip: these new shades can also double up as an eyeshadow.

Craving a New Lip Gloss? When you just can’t get enough…it only gets better!

Mixology: Combine our clear lip gloss with any one of the following eye shadows to create your new favorite color. Cotton Candy, Brix, Oyster, Orchid
Simply dab the wand into the eye shadow of your choice to get the exact shade you desire.

Tip: add more sparkle with Tuxedo White a highlighting eye shadow to get the effect you desire. For more shades, you can also use: Afterglow bronzer, Radiant Beauty blush or Signature Pink.